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05 June 2012 @ 07:57 pm
✢ The Player
Player Name:Eee
Age: 30
AIM / MSN / Y!M: AIM: JackOfHartsHeart
E-mail: plasticjack@live.com
Other Characters: Ianto Jones and Bobby Singer

✢ The Character
Character Name: John Hart
Fandom: Torchwood
Canon Point: Season 2; Episode 13 Exit Wounds
Age:Undetermined. Old enough to know better, but young enough not to care? Canon has no set age for him.

Appearance: John appears to be in his late 30's, possibly early 40's. He has blue eyes and brown hair and is approximately 6 foot tall and around one hundred and seventy pounds.

Abilities / Powers: Well, like Jack Harkness, John is from the 51st century, so he has the same pheromones. He also possess a WORKING Vortex Manipulator, though it won't be working now.
Inventory: Vortex Manipulator, an VERY large array of guns knives and other weapons both conventional and some from the future. Paralyzing lip gloss and a extremely large Ego.

Personality: John is scandalous, unreliable and not trustworthy. He cares very little for rules or for what may or may not be acceptable in society. He's willing to do whatever necessary to accomplish his goals. He's selfish, and self-serving. He's a liar and a con artist. Everything is a joke to him. Jack Harkness tells his team at one point to remember 3 things when dealing with John: Never trust a word he says, always keep him where you can see him, and never under any circumstances let him kiss you.

John is deadly and isn't at all remorseful after killing someone. He shows a distinct lack of connection to certain people and isn't afraid to throw someone off a building if they make him angry enough. Having said that, he has a bit of a temper and does tend to let it get out of hand. He does genuinely care for Jack, even if his feels aren't felt by the captain. Which is a major sore point. In the series he comes to Cardiff the first time with his own agenda in mind. When he returns the second time his intentions are more to save himself than anything else.

He is cruel and calculating, but he isn't without some measure of compassion. What most people don't pick up about him is the fact that when he returned to Cardiff he tried to be somewhat merciful to Jack during the entire experience. He even went as far as to give Jack a way for his team to find him once all is said and done. After he's freed, John immediately returns to the Hub and does what he can to help Jack's team, much to their distrust.
History: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/John_Hart

First Person Sample: http://sixwordstories.livejournal.com/54895337.html?thread=1636351721#t1636351721

Third Person Sample: The sheets on the bed move just slightly and the figure hidden within them moans and mumbles something muffled by all the bedding, the only word clear enough to make out is "Jack". Under the blankets John Hart is dreaming. Dreaming about...well he's dreaming about a wish, a hope. Something so far out of his reach the only place he can have is in his dreams.

Jack called him and he come running, catching the other man leaving with some wet behind the ears kid. John had run him off, it was easy enough to do when you point a gun at their head. John took Jack someplace suitably more private even if only slightly so. He was..well he doesn’t know what he was expecting..maybe to talk?

Strange thing that.

Expecting to talk.

The hollow look in the other man’s eyes made it clear that that wasn’t going to be happening, but what happened next, Hart will admit came as a shock. Especially, given Jack’s flat out refusal to have anything to do with him the previous time they’d met.

Without a word.

No warning at all.

He found himself pressed awkwardly against the wall. Something cold and uncomfortable digging into his back, but he didn’t have a chance to complain before the immortal’s lips crushed against his and Jack’s tongue forced itself past his lips. His arm went out at his sides and his hands, fingers splayed in surprised, pressed against the wall on either side of him. His whole body tensed initially in protest before relaxing and nearly coming undone in the kiss.

It was angry.


And God so fucking hot he couldn’t stop himself from arching his back to press himself against the welcome weight of his former lover.
So many parts of him said this was wrong, but he wasn’t listening. Not often did he listen to that voice in his head that gives him those warnings. He’d long since thought it was gone. Jack’s greedy mouth and searching tongue silenced it at least for a moment.

It was former partner’s hands working open the buckles, buttons and zippers that separated him from the stiffening cock in John’s pants were enough to shut it up completely. He didn’t even realize until much too late he’s making desperate little sounds as his pants are pulled down roughly. Their mouths still locked together is making breathing more and more difficult as rough fingers graze hard flesh.

If he was capable of being embarrassed he might have been at how little it actually took for Jack to bring him to near painful arousal, but he’s not. And he’s definitely not thinking about it either because right now he’s standing in a hallway with his pants at his knees an Harkness is pressed against him so close the other man’s own hard-on, still hidden behind the fabric of his pants, is grinding into his leg with every little movement the other captain makes. His own erection unencumbered by his clothing leaving a slick wet stain on the front of the former Torchwood leader’s pants.

He has to break the kiss to take a shuddering breath, he’s about to reach out to free Jack’s cock from its fabric prison, but the immortal is a step ahead of him. He watches through half closed eyes as the other man takes a step back and make quick work of the pants before John hardly has a chance to finish making the disappointed growl that slips from his lips as the contact is broken.

In a breath, the ex Time Agent find himself shamelessly spun around and held against the wall with one heavy hand in the middle of his back. His eyes close and without being asked he spreads his legs and pushes back against the man behind him, rubbing his ass up and down over the other man’s pulsing erection.

He’s not a fool. Something tells him there’s going to be little if any preparation given to him by the other captain, but this same something tells him to just suck it up and take it. He’s makes an awkward squeal when the immortal’s fist unexpectedly closes around his cock.

He definitely wasn’t expecting that. Or the way it squeezes, but doesn’t move. Or the fingers from Jack’s other hand as he presses them against his lips and forces him to suck on them.

He groans when said fingers are pulled from his mouth and he tries to follow them just a moment before he realizes what he’s doing and stops himself. He rests his forehead against the wall and makes small noises as first one finger than another and another push themselves passed his entrance and begin stretching him.

Readying him.

It only lasts a few moments though, before they’re pulled away the precome wet tip of Jack’s erection teases him. Sliding around his hole spreading pearly drops around him. That’s all the warning he gets before he feels the pressure of Jack against his entrance and the burn of him pushing passed it. He hisses quietly at the pain, but despite it pushes himself back driving the immortal deeper into him and marveling at how full he feels. God it’s been so long.

And John wakes up...suddenly and regretfully. He's painfully aware of the sticky slick spot on the bed under him where he'd been grinding his cock against the mattress. He lets out a sigh, unashamed really, more disappointed than anything these damn dreams get more realistic every time. And every time he's left with the bitter disappointment of waking up alone. This time though things are slightly different. The bed is far nicer than he would have expected. the room is much larger and more lavishly decorated. John stretches and smiles, the disappointment of waking alone, again, falling away with the realization that... he must have taken a trip to a pleasure planet.

And a pleasure planet means more fun.

A pleasure planet meas that he is afforded the chance to find new ways to forget about that stupid unrealistic dream, even if only briefly.

Other: May God have mercy on us all..